League Updates


See the posted schedules for February 7 & 14. Specific teams from these grades will be playing at Hagerstown and/or Connersville the next two weeks.


February Host Site Updates


1. ALL host sites are limited to two (2) people per athlete.

       a. The two people, must only be the parents or guardians of the


       b. Masks must be worn at all times except for the players in the


       C. Please practice social distancing while inside the schools.


2. Host sites may have other various precautions in place based on their administration and local health department guidelines.

Please follow each individual host sites rules.


    2a. Mask mandates will be mandatory per individual host sites.

          This includes: parents, players, workers, coaches, players, and


    2b. Individual host sites may need to clear gyms between

          games to allow fans for the two teams playing to watch.


3. Individual sites may be cancelled on an as needed basis. Check the website and twitter weekly and daily to stay informed with the latest updates.


4. Please abide by any and all guidelines at each site your team plays at.

      THANK YOU!

From the backyards, to the driveways, to the dirt roads of Indiana; this is where Hoosier Hysteria was born and continues to thrive. The D.R.B.L. (Dirt Road Basketball League) is where Hoosier legends are made!

 Stay informed about schedule or location changes and any adjustments due to inclement weather on Twitter (@DrblIndiana)!

2020-2021 DRBL Registration
Varsity head coaches will complete this and turn it in to coachlaker@yahoo.com
DRBL Registration Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [50.2 KB]
2020-2021 DRBL Roster Form
Please complete and return to: seve.beach@sdcsc.k12.in.us
DRBL Roster Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [22.0 KB]
2020-2021 DRBL Waiver Form
All players and parents of players MUST sign waiver and turn it into team's coach. The team's coach will turn these into the Varsity Head Coach. Varsity head coaches, please scan and email these to seve.beach@sdcsc.k12.in.us
DRBL Waiver Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [32.8 KB]
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Contact Information:

Doug Laker


Kerry Brown


Seve Beach



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